Rail firm apologises for derailment chaos

South Western Railway has apologised after a train derailed this morning and caused major disruption for rush hour commuters.

Rail services through Wimbledon were subject to delays and cancellations throughout the day (Monday, 6 November).

Trains travelling to and from Waterloo via all suburban stations in Kingston were affected after an early morning London-bound train derailed shortly after leaving Wimbledon.

Roughly 300 passengers were evacuated from the South Western Railway (SWR) service after the rear carriage of the eight-coach train came off the tracks shortly before 6am.

London Ambulance Services treated four people for minor injuries, and no passenger needed to be admitted to hospital.

The train blocked the tracks used by the District Line, and the line between Wimbledon and Parsons Green remained closed for the rest of the day.

Engineers spent the day at the site to recover the derailed train and assess the track.

DN7ug2hX0AEZlek David Scanlan @dscanlan23

In a statement, Christian Neill, Head of Customer Experience at SWR, said: “I am very sorry for the disruption that many of you would have likely experienced whilst travelling on our network today following the low-speed derailment of one our trains near Wimbledon.

“We are grateful to the emergency services who responded swiftly to this incident and thankful there were no serious injuries to any of our passengers.  We worked hard to ensure that customers were able to leave the train as quickly and safely as possible, with this process completed by 08:15.

“There is extensive damage to the track which our infrastructure partners are working to repair as soon as possible.”

South Western Railway has confirmed that any commuter delayed by more than half-an-hour will receive compensation.

The incident happened on yet another day of misery for Greater London passengers, with six London Underground lines also facing delays due to signal failures.

Commuter David Doherty described: “I waited over 25 minutes for a Waterloo train at Strawberry Hill. Train was completely packed and overcrowded by Richmond: the guard thought telling people to move on down the train was useful, but it was packed like sardines!”

And Linda Tait, from Stoneleigh, moaned: “I waited for over an hour for a southbound train to stop. It was freezing, and the waiting room was closed.”

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