Kingston pupils making good progress

PUPILS at half of Kingston’s secondary schools are making progress ‘well-above’ the national average.

Latest Government figures reveal that pupils at 80 per cent of schools in the borough are at least reaching the national average progress mark, calculated under the new Progress 8 measure.

The metric reflects the difference between a pupil’s expected attainment at GCSE, determined by their primary school Key Stage 2 results, and the grades they actually achieve at the end of Year 11.

Pupils at Tiffin Girls’ progressed better than pupils at any other Kingston secondary, whilst The Holy Cross school recorded the highest progress of any non-selective school.

It is the second year in which Progress 8 has been measured, and results show that about 12.3 per cent of schools nationwide have fallen below the floor standard – up from 9.6% in 2016.

Despite this, schools minster Nick Gibb praised the overall results, saying: “The fruits of the government’s reforms are best seen in the performance of free schools and academies, which have achieved some outstanding Progress 8 scores.

“Often serving areas of significant disadvantage, these schools show that a rigorous curriculum and a strong behaviour ethos is crucial to driving up academic standards in all parts of the country.”

No Kingston school fell below the floor standard, which would trigger an Ofsted inspection.


A pupil’s Progress 8 score is based on their results across eight GCSEs. Each grade is converted into an equivalent point score (a Grade 6 is worth six points, for example) and then added together to give a cumulative mark, referred to as their Attainment 8 score.

A child’s forecast Attainment 8 score, calculated at end of Year 6, is subtracted from their total GCSE score, and the answer divided by 10 to determine their individual Progress 8 score.

For example, a pupil expected to attain a Grade 6 in all of the eight GCSEs measured would have an Attainment 8 score of 48. If they achieved those marks, they would have a Progress 8 score of 0. If they do better – achieving some Grade 7 and 8 results – they will generate a positive Progress 8 score; if they achieve some grades lower than 6, their Progress 8 score will be negative.

A school’s Progress 8 score is the mean average of their cohort’s score: an average of around zero is average; above 0.5 is considered well-above average; and a score of -0.5 or below would result in an inspection.

Nationally, Tiffin Girls’ ranked eighth for progress, with a score of 1.22, and achieved the second-highest total attainment score of any school in the country.

School No. of pupils Progress 8 Attainment 8
The Tiffin Girls’ School 120 1.22 82.9
The Holy Cross School 146 0.85 57.5
Tiffin School 141 0.79 76.6
Richard Challoner School 143 0.64 57.1
Coombe Girls’ School 209 0.63 55.9
Tolworth Girls’ School & Sixth Form 197 0.33 50.6
The Hollyfield School & Sixth Form Centre 178 0.28 51.5
Chessington Community College 99 0.01 42.6
Coombe Boys’ School 147 -0.02 48.2
Southborough High School 108 -0.19 43.7