Your views sought on Tolworth proposals

TOLWORTH roundabout could be replaced by a two-way traffic system as part of a number of initiatives proposed by Kingston Council to transform the area.

A month-long consultation period has begun on the Tolworth Action Plan (TAP), which aims to deliver ‘physical, social and economic improvements’ to the town.

Extended cycle routes, a new bus station, and the building of residential blocks along The Broadway also feature as part of the plan created in conjunction with the Greater London Authority and Transport for London.

In a statement to accompany the release of the TAP, Kingston Council said: “The Tolworth Area Plan will set out a vision and strategy to guide the type of development that will enhance the appearance of Tolworth, improve amenity for residents and support growth in the local economy.

“This document will give a clear understanding of what type of development should be encouraged, what good development looks like, and ensure that individual developments collectively deliver the vision for Tolworth and benefit the community.”

Changes to Tolworth roundabout would attempt to enhance cohesion between the north and south of the town, with the A3 cited in the plan as a ‘psychological and physical barrier’ that adds to the feeling of a fractured community amongst residents.

A major redevelopment could involve the creation of a new public ‘realm’ above the A3, or the extension of buildings on the western side of the roundabout (adjacent to Hamilton Avenue) for the development of retail or office space.

The plan also suggests extending the 281 bus route – through to the Chessington & Davis Road Industrial Estate – to further aid connectivity throughout a town that is said to lack ‘much-needed identity’.

To assist with this, the consultation aims to acknowledge ‘Tolworth-ness’, and promote existing community-led activities seen as fundamental to the future identity of the area.

The statement from Kingston Council continues: “Work on the TAP has been progressing since last year when early engagement was undertaken with business partners, local councillors and community groups. Now the Tolworth Area Plan has been drafted, the council is proceeding to public consultation to gain feedback on the draft document by means of a survey on the council’s consultation portal.

“Following the consultation, the Tolworth Area Plan will be amended as necessary, before being put forward for adoption.”

The public consultation is open for a period of four weeks from Monday, 9 October until Sunday, 5 November 2017.

No transport analysis, nor any costings, have been carried out for any proposals at this stage.

Visit to access the draft Tolworth Action Plan and the public consultation online survey.